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This is a draft

The present is defined by the information of an event becoming available. Unfolding itself.
While the quantic understanding, mostly reflects on the description of the outcome of an event, such as the wave/particle experiment regarding the nature of light, I would like to bring this a bit further, as to what we understand as the present and the inevitable dislodging of the present resulting from the availability of information not being perceived synchronously.

For instance, we recognize that the perception of an event in the nearest galaxy, would have taken 2 million years to reach us, due to the relatively slow speed of light which constitutes the channel through which the information is being made available for us. Nevertheless, perceiving the event, would be considered as present as we register it, even though, the event can be recognized to have happen 2 million years ago. As such, an event happening at another time, creates another present.

Reading the news of an event, is as it happens, an event distinct from the related news.

So, an objective event, would inscribe itself in different present times, as a consequence of the perception occurring in different times. Perception not only as seen, but as intelligible.

This is real! The consequences of understanding this, are overwhelming.
It means that our subjective present, is in fact dislodged from the context in which it happens. The subjective present being the perceived intelligible present.
It doesn’t mean, that the perception is incorrect, that the event did not happen. It means that the event inscribes in a different “perspective”.
When it comes to our interactions, the way we are affected.